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  1. Let's see if we can get this rolling....
  2. Moving on...?
  3. Ditto
  4. Just wondering
  5. being out of an abusive relationship for 6months still hurts
  6. where do i go from here
  7. Left Him after he drained me
  8. ok is this condsidered harrassment?
  9. Help! Is this harassment or not?!?
  10. Help me, Help her!
  11. can i move on...who knows
  12. Single mother in need of Advice on a court situation
  13. He did it to me, will he do it to our child?
  14. it's been four months but still thinking about him
  15. it's been four months but still thinking about him
  16. Should I Try To Work Things Out?
  17. Stressed and scared
  19. Need help with anger issues
  20. am i WIERD or is this NORMAL for ex DV victims?
  21. dating a guy who has wife bashed before
  22. Will he do it again?
  23. how do i help my daughter?
  24. confused and scared
  25. UPDATE!!! How do I help my daughter
  26. help please
  27. daughter abuses me & I'm being acused of abandonment! HELP
  28. Hi
  29. Is it abuse?
  30. restraining order and visitations
  31. Aching Heart...
  32. Over worked and taken advantage of
  33. Up all night, court again
  34. Court
  35. Thanks for the messages of support, heres an update
  36. i need help pregnent and in danger
  37. 7 months pregnant and not sure what to do
  38. Things are looking up !!
  39. good news bad news victory has been won.....
  40. OMG Here we go again !!
  41. Statute of Limitation on Verbal/Emotional Abuse in MO?
  42. What good is a restraining order
  43. Where do you start?
  44. New here and need advice
  45. New Here, Just Wanted To Share
  47. Son wants to meet father after all these years
  48. gettin beat
  49. help
  50. People without a soul..
  51. I just broke it off
  52. how do you get athorties to enforce the law
  53. how do you get athorties to enforce the law
  54. Just had to share
  55. how can a man not be the person you thought he was?
  56. I don't know what to do!
  58. the return
  59. advice/questons for the ladies who experienced domestic voilence. HELP!
  60. advice/questons for the ladies who experienced domestic voilence. HELP!
  61. Intervention..a bit lost
  62. sexual assault?
  63. I need direction
  64. I Did it!
  65. My family is horrible
  66. Very funny stalking story
  67. Psychology of An Abuser
  68. Flash Backs
  69. Flash Backs
  70. old abuse
  71. For sake of the children no to that..
  72. I'M GETTING Taken in
  73. drop her off?
  74. Able to help someone
  75. My dad's insensitive comments
  76. What do you consider Sexual abuse?
  77. Signs of An Abuser
  78. I'm Frustrated with my Ex and threats
  79. 3 yr old daughter touching
  80. Does it ever end???
  81. Concerned about sexual behaviors
  82. I am new
  83. Do I contact the X or not?
  84. STILL dealing with his ignorance...
  85. emotional abuse
  86. needing help to get over the memories
  87. How do I walk away
  88. Newbie
  89. Sexual Abuse
  90. I left, the guilt is still here
  91. new and frusturated
  92. odd situation...
  93. Have impossible ex - Need support
  94. How do you start to trust enough to date?
  95. Did your mate ever say this to you?
  96. Contacting his ex...?
  97. from my dealings with domestics
  98. A mothers nightmare caught on tape.
  99. I dont know how to say this but its long
  100. re my boys dad
  101. Question On "How many Times?"
  102. Shaken Baby Syndrome
  103. So confused, question from a newbie
  104. What do I say?
  105. how do i talk to my child?
  106. Confused
  107. This one fits too, I'd say..
  108. What can I do
  109. Which is worse physical or emotional abuse?
  110. Strength
  111. I'm scared to death
  112. Psycho
  113. False Protective Order
  114. Pregnant, Single, trying to fight for my child..help?!
  115. Surviving... On Your Way To... Thriving...
  116. Question
  117. How do I know if I'm being emotionally abused?
  118. How young is too young to know the truth
  119. Information for those who may need it...
  120. am i blowing things out of proportion? need some advice!
  121. I just left him...please help!!!
  122. can I find out where he works?
  123. Advice -
  124. How to cope with fear?
  125. Is this abuse in emotional form???!!
  126. It just makes me sick!
  127. Ex is abusive-says hes changed
  128. Telling your children "the truth"
  129. Advice?!!!
  130. Having to Miss out B/C He Can't control himself!!
  131. Need some help here
  132. New here! Hi!
  133. I'm new here and I need HELP
  134. Should I leave?
  135. Domestic Violence Screening "Quiz"
  136. This time is different.
  137. Will I every be the same again
  138. Your Rights and The Impact of Abuse...
  139. Thinking about leaving but unsure?
  140. Question....and venting...long
  141. Feeling like I was violated...
  142. Emotional abuse?
  143. My story
  144. Spin off-abusive children. ( for Mary)
  145. venting
  146. 9/11 question
  147. Teacher's estranged husband Is charged
  148. 11 years later........
  149. is this really it?
  150. just venting...trying to stay strong!
  151. baby daddy drama
  152. Confused.....
  153. New and alone
  154. Just want to feel safe again.....
  155. National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  156. Round 4
  157. Protection Order is Up Tomorrow!
  158. Has our Society fallen so low?
  159. Saw my free lawyer today
  160. Needing a way out...
  161. My Story
  162. I'm not crazy, that was an attempt!
  163. Do they know?
  164. Closure-Is right around the corner
  165. [Article] Father Shoots Kids and wife
  166. DV's may Qualify for a NEW SS#
  167. A situation I feel helpless in.
  168. Escape School For Safety
  169. Victim Assistance for Women
  170. OMG I cant stop crying...
  171. Found My Voice
  172. Renunification With Dad - Help
  173. P.O. hearing Aug 1st
  174. Can DV be brought up during a new case?
  175. Glad to be here
  176. Have ex's arrest report...
  177. need an unbiased opinion - my story
  178. Addicted to Arguing
  179. Information for parents/domestic violenc
  180. I just don't understand.
  181. From a male perspective...
  182. Early S ex Abuse Hinders Many Women
  183. Abused child to al-Qaeda killer
  184. The aftermath/healing
  185. Florida: Suing Your Abuser
  186. I Got Flowers Today
  187. When is it abuse?
  188. Facebook posts provide clues to killing
  189. Red-Flags of Parental Alienation
  190. I just want to know I'm not alone.
  191. Interesting TED talk.
  192. New Here and Need Advice
  193. I'm being charged for defending myself
  194. What do I do?
  195. Stories to help find strength
  196. Death of a child
  197. Hi everyone... Looking for advice...
  198. Jessica Gonzales v. U.S.A.
  199. Scared and don't know what to do
  200. Nightmare DV
  201. Talking to Kids about domestic violence
  202. I'm still afraid
  203. Tell son can't see abusive dad?