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  1. Selecting A Family Law Attorney
  2. And How was you Divorce served....
  3. Available resources for Single Parents?
  4. At what age can a child decide where to live?
  5. are mothers normally favored in custody cases?
  6. i need advice on what i should do PLEASE
  7. What are MY rights as a Father...
  8. IL Child Support Survey
  9. my rights
  10. Need advice
  11. My abusive ex now seeks custody
  12. Need advice
  13. who gets custody?
  14. New - lost
  15. rights of a single parent at work
  16. Child Support and my current life
  17. Travel abroad with minor children
  18. Single Dad In FL
  19. Hi, I'm new to this...
  20. any non-offending parents on this list?
  21. Infant visitation
  22. Housing assistance
  23. Wishing and praying may not be enough. HELP!!
  24. unknown father
  25. dealing with the father
  26. non involved parent wants custody
  27. major custody issues with father and his parents
  28. overnights for baby
  29. Seperatig from father but not married..HELP
  30. what should i do?
  31. What are my rights?
  32. Child support vs. bankruptcy
  33. Custody rights of divorced parents in the case of death of the custodial parent
  34. Geographical Restriction!
  35. A Child's Cry For HELP!
  36. Other parent has rights
  37. im a 18 yr old mom who needs some advice
  38. completely lost
  39. New to the board
  40. housing
  41. Pregnant, but a father doesn't want to be in our lives
  42. Re: scared and alone
  43. Father has died.
  44. Problems with Child Support Enforcement Agencies
  46. HELP
  47. MOM....dealing with a Abusive Day Care ALONE!
  48. need some advice
  49. birth certificate??
  50. Naming Rights
  51. father trying to still control
  52. Reputable lawyer
  53. HELP
  54. Is the custodial parent subject to child support audits?
  55. Bad boyfriend / bad father?
  56. Newbie Mommy need advice and support
  57. hey all
  58. New here and need advice!!
  59. Grandparent Rights
  60. On and Off Dad Playing With Son's Emotions
  61. I need some advice.
  62. Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody
  63. Re: Confused???
  64. Need help badly
  65. Need help badly
  66. New to this
  67. what kind of case do i have?????
  68. please i need help
  70. Travelling Consent??
  71. Equal support??
  72. Threatened and ready to fight
  73. restraining order
  74. child support $ custody
  75. My son's father: unmarried & the father of 5 children he doesn't take care of!
  76. Why can my son get help with a DNA test
  77. Child Visitation & Parental Rights
  78. Frustrated with ex
  79. dazed and confused!!!!!!!!
  80. So So desparate....Help please
  81. pregnant and confused
  82. Pregnant and in need of Answers
  83. Fired while on Maternity Leave
  84. Termination of pateral rights
  85. Getting my life back....
  86. Seeking advice about custody of my 4 boys
  87. petition for visitation
  88. does anyone understand?
  89. Single dad needs help
  90. I have 3 boys and their dad is incarcerated- I need help!
  91. I just want what's best for my daughter
  92. how to deal with an angry father of my daughter
  93. Would a mother without a job be able to have costudy of a child
  94. STOP!! Going to court Need help Now!
  95. If dad is from England...
  96. Wisconsin Child Cupport
  97. Need Help
  98. Please read - I need help - he is trying to take my kids
  99. Visitation
  100. Pregnant and bitter
  101. Old Medical Bills
  102. Question about SS#
  103. Can he take her?
  104. facing trouble
  105. Newborn custody and visitiation
  108. Single Mom Taking Vacation - HELP!!!
  109. Can this child be helped?
  110. What kind of benefits are available to us?
  111. settlement meeting tomorrow - HELP
  112. Lost Job because of pregnancy
  113. Can my visitation rights be taken away?
  114. In Illinois what program(s) can help myself & 1yr old daughter financially
  115. my sons father wants/don't wants to be there??
  116. Starting Child Support?
  117. What about my boy??
  118. Now what do I do?
  119. HOW TO HANDLE THIS??????
  120. Flordia Law
  121. Deadbeat dilemma
  122. How long to get child support?
  124. Braveheart
  125. Marriage License
  126. Custody rights
  127. Doesn't want my son to have his last name
  128. How do I protect myself against him in court
  129. I feel very stuck-need legal advice
  130. in need of advice
  131. Don't know where to turn!!!!!!!
  132. what can I dooo..???!!!
  133. Child- Custody help
  134. child visitation
  135. Advice Please!
  136. He took her
  137. Child custody issue
  138. possibly confusing question
  139. Father wants custody
  140. A long fight ahead, i think
  141. Petition to Modify Parent-Child relationship
  142. non-custodial father wants to claim child as tax credit
  143. TX help
  144. vis. rights for "never married" dads
  145. Made a big mistake--please help
  146. EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Public Housing
  148. Never married mom wants to relocate...please help!!
  149. Do I have to continue taking his abuse?
  150. Texas legal question
  151. son is bleeding from bottom
  152. He brings her home late!!! Help!!!!
  153. Juvenile court
  155. Can he get away with this?
  156. trying to stay afloat
  157. trying to stay afloat
  158. want to know your opinion.
  159. Daughter asking about daddy
  160. my ex is contesting restraining order
  161. child custody questions please help!
  162. Son's last name..
  163. Anyone have info on this?
  164. More Custody Advice
  165. Do i already have custody ?? please help
  167. he will not pay but wants to see him
  168. is this true about custody
  169. My Son, please advise!
  170. losing children to abuser
  171. custody
  172. Child Support Modification
  173. My children need help!
  174. PA child support laws
  175. Mediation woes
  176. Name Changes and Birth Certificates
  177. has anyone "terminated parental rights"?
  178. "DSS"
  179. what do you think?
  180. Trapped & Threatened!
  181. I don't know how to help!
  182. Making A Will and Naming Guardian
  183. Legal help - re alimony
  184. Bank accounts , vent.
  185. confused as usual
  186. bankrupcy question
  187. not sure what to do
  188. I have a plan, see what you think...
  189. I hate the system
  190. Desperate need of advice
  191. Please Help me!!
  192. My divorce?
  193. It's hitting the fan now
  194. Law school????
  195. Who's right?
  196. how long?
  197. Need opinions before I see the lawyer
  198. I am not sure what to do.
  199. uninsured med expenses
  200. i'm a bit confused about "parental rights"
  201. Interstate cases
  202. please help
  203. advice please
  204. your words can mean the world right now
  205. How does this work?
  206. HELP!!!
  207. Is this legal?
  208. Move Away Stress
  209. uncontested divorce - questions
  210. I'm afraid to get child support
  211. need advice for girlfriend
  212. need help, information or advise!!!!
  213. drug testing?
  214. I got a lawyer
  215. child support or not...
  216. Curious about contempt of court order
  217. is there anything i can do to stop this???
  218. locating the father
  219. My kids' rights?
  220. Moving and worried about custody HELP
  221. support but no visitation
  222. visitation every other week
  223. Siblingship Testing
  224. still using my addresss....HELP!
  225. Bizarre situation
  226. does he have rights
  227. Question: Address change
  228. constantly in court
  229. Interesting Situation
  230. Protective services
  231. custody question
  232. Right-to-die
  233. Visitation and Childern's right to say NO
  234. Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards
  235. Address Issues
  236. grandmother rights?
  237. confused about all of this
  238. New legal info on name changes.
  239. Moved out of state
  240. Bankruptcy credit counselors and the new bankruptcy law
  241. DHS
  242. Social Security Card Question Re: Enlistment
  243. Can you believe?
  244. Updated --I am stumped...not sure what to do next
  245. What are my rights??????
  246. affidavit of full custody
  247. Who can help me?
  248. To "the sane one"...
  249. who's ur daddy?
  250. help!! what should I do