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Default Can a child decide?

G'morning.. well to make a long story short, I fought for custody of my 2 children, now 17&14. This was a couple years ago. I will try to make this short. She, against my wishes, pulled both children out of public school and put them in Florida virtual school. needless to say it was a total failure. She stopped even making sure they even attended classes and by the end of the school year they were 80+ lessons behind with straight F's. Needless to say, she out lawyered my lawyer and some how she was able to keep custody of the children then able to move out of state. Yeah Florida!!!

With that being said, my son is 17 now and going into the 11th grade. When I was 12 I was put in front of a judge and asked who I wanted to live with. Can child do the same now? If my son tells me he wants to live with me, do I have a leg to stand on to make this happen?

thank you..
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