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Default is this parental alienation?

I have no idea what to say, what is right, what is wrong, how to deal with blaming me for everything. so lost in this and dont know anyone in my real life who has gone through a divorce

have separated specifically because of mainly emotional abuse and rare physical abuse which ex describes as discipline but no one else would. my psychologist said to present this as a united front, not your fault, everyone loves you which I did but ex has specifically told the kids that I made him leave which had the immediate result of my teens now blaming me for the distruption in their lives. Psychologist said if ex twists what i say to kids to respond with i am sorry that is what he heard me say but it was not my intent/message. this has not worked. is this parental alienation or just early process of grief? it is early days yet. I just dont know what is the right or wrong thing to say. especially with teens who are demanding to know the details of why ( I am sure they can guess as they lived it right along with me but now that apart ex is behaving a lot better so they think if together all will be gret and wonderful), but I dont want to dump all these problems on them, so have been telling them, adult problems, you shouldn't have to be in the middle and wont tell them, which are unhappy about.
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