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Default Re: Kris, how's the daycare/preschool?

Originally Posted by Kris View Post
Hi, I just had my prelicensing visit. So they could check out my house and area that the Children Preschool Daycare will be playing in. It went well, she liked how I have things set up and the enclosed play area outside.
We are just waiting for my references to come back as well as my CORI check.

I plan on opening my 1. It would be nice to open sooner, but if I can't get to then may 1 is my goal.

Thanks for asking.

When my daughter turned two years old, I started to wonder if preschool would be a better environment for her compared to her daycare center she'd been at since she was six months old. I'd heard friends talk about their preschool's amazing Montessori curriculum or the valuable religious education their preschoolers received and wanted similar benefits for my little one. About 85 percent of the human brain develops in the first three years of life, so I wanted her in an enriching, educational environment.
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