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Default Re: Two boys and a mon, is that enough?

This thread is quite old, but I am really hoping to get some feedback/advice from someone. I am single-parenting two teen daughters and a 14-year-old boy. I'm worried about my son. He just quit Boy Scouts after 6 years, and now he has said he doesn't want to play school basketball after having played for several years. I'd sort of been "counting" on those activities to help supply him with male role models (esp. in Scouts) and allow him some "boy" time, given that he's growing up with a mother and two sisters. The kids see their dad every Saturday, but he never DOES anything with them; they just sit around his apartment, unless they have plans with friends.

I was thinking of signing him up with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, but I'm not sure. It would be nice if his dad were more involved in his life. He (my son) was in therapy for 2 years because he was so upset when his dad left (as was I, so even though I tried, I wasn't the best of help), but whenever the topic of the divorce came up in sessions he would choke up and refuse to talk, so the therapist thought it best to stop for the time being.

Are there any single moms or dads out there who could offer any advice?
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