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Default Re: Help getting son to sleep in his own

I agree, tough love is required ASAP.

I was in the same boat, after the breakup I think I liked my daughter sleeping in my bed more than she did. But the kicking and waking me up started to get to me so I tried moving her to her own bed. I tried everything, rewards, laying with her in her bed til she fell asleep, letting her keep her light on, I can't even remember all the things I tried unsuccessfully. That's when I realized how attached she was to sleeping with me and how if I didn't continue the tough love it was only going to get harder to correct later on.

We are doing MUCH better now (over a year into it) but it is still a struggle sometimes and we still have nights where she cries and gets up and I have to keep putting her back in her bed and it is stressful but I am not about to give in now. To LSL's point...I am determined to be more stubborn than her!
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