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Default GF doesn't love daughter (yet?)

I divorced from my first marriage about a year ago, and have been separated for about 2 years. I shar 50/50 custody of my 5 year old daughter with my ex-wife. I started dating my current girlfriend about a year ago, and honestly, it is the best love I could have ever imagined. The way we are on all levels is deeper than I have ever seen two people have, and it is very apparent to everyone on the outside looking in. The only problem we have is our kids. I have a 5-year-old (50/50 custody), and she has a 4-year-old son and twin 2-year-old daughters (80/20 in my girlfriends favor). Her kids absolutely adore me and I adore them, and at least so far, and I am really comfortable that we could work as a family should the time come. She is not comfortable with my daughter, though. My daughter is pretty well behaved, but she has some issues with anger and respecting adults, that has come up from the divorce. I am really on top of my daughter’s behavior, and she has been seeing a therapist weekly for about 6 months—but, nonetheless, she has her moments. My girlfriend is frightened because my daughter’s behavior really bothers her, and she has a hard time loving her and accepting her as one of her own. I know not everyone loves their stepchildren, and blending families do take time. But is this normal?
Should we continue working on our relationship, and working on how we interact with the kids?
Does this just need more time and effort to evolve?
Is this just unfair to my girlfriend and daughter, and should we break it off and accept that this isn’t working?
I love my girlfriend very much, and I really could see us as a family. I just want whatever advice and resources you may have on how to move forward with our life scenario.
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