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Default Re: Should I go through court for child

I would most definitely go through the court system. For NY it is 17% of their income which they have to pay. This does vary by state but they're not gonna be too far off. Since you have her most of the year she should still have to pay you.

Also coming from someone who has been to court because my ex wouldn't pay and constantly made threats, it was one of the best decisions. I know that I can count on that to help raise my daughter without him saying he wont pay because of whatever he demands. It has made that part of co-parenting so much easier.

The whole custody part is another story. I'm not sure where you would stand with not giving her to her mom for the whole summer since I know a lot of long distance co-parents do have to give their children to the other parent for approximately that long. But if its not in your agreement then she cant do that. Or if you haven't gone to court at all for it, you could essentially tell her no and say she could take you to court on it if she has a problem with that.
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