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Well, the one guy, that was going to be my best man, no longer returns my calls. He said he's a friend to both me and the ex and won't take sides. I'm not asking him to take sides. I don't need that. Anyone that claims to be your friend but then does nothing a friend would normally do, I don't think can claim to be your friend anymore.

Maybe it's because I would be a third or fifth wheel if we ever got together, but I'm friends with his wife too, so being a third wheel doesn't matter to me.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll be leaving these people behind me and moving on in the future. These people don't care about me enough to call and ask how I am or to just get together for a drink or something, then so be it.

I know who my friends are and aren't. A friend is someone that you call and leave a message that you'll be in town on such and such a date and that you'll be out with your family at a club, and that friend shows up, without calling you back, just to surprise you!! That happened a few weeks ago, so yeah, I know who my friends are.
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