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Originally Posted by LSL View Post
You knew the sister was an issue. If I remember correctly, well, she was an issue before the two of you married. So you do need to ignore and go from there.
Yeah she has always been a problem since day one. It doesn't mater what I do,I am still the bad person in her eyes and only because she can no longer have any control over my wife or step daughter.She is a control freak and doesn't want anyone happy since she isn't happy herself and never will be. My wife has joked that she doesn't like me cause I wouldn't give her the time of day as far as dating her before me and my wife got married. I try not to let it bother me,but feel she has no place to be telling my step daughter not to call me dad.It was left up to my step daughter and that will never change. I guess that that is what makes me mad the most. My step daughter is getting more comfortable around me and no it doesn't bother me is she uses my name or calls me dad.I will always treat her the same way. she is just like my own kid.
My wife did mention me adopting her in the future,but I am unsure of doing that.If I done it,it would have to be for the right reasons,not what my wife has in mind,and that is to make her sister even more mad. Doing that to a child and playing with emotions is a huge no no.
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