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I am a single mother of a 4 1/2 year old son, his father has never been in the picture. I told him i was pregnant, he told be to get an abortion because a baby would mess up my plans for finishing college and getting a good job, well it didn't. The economy ruined my good job, but that is another thing totally. Anyway, i was worried that my son was going to be missing out on male rolemodels but really he's not. Granted we do not have a man around 24-7 to learn from, but he does have great grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and cousins. As well as friends. He gets his sports in, and his male hormones rejuvinated whenever these men are around.

So i guess what i am saying is, let your sons know that there are other men who contain lots of knowledge for any questions that moms can't answer.... :-)

good luck
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