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Default Re: Two boys and a mon, is that enough?

Motherboard and Dad1st4boys, thank you so much for your replies. I guess I will have to try to help my son find something that "fits." He used to do martial arts and was one step away from black belt when his dad left and we could no longer afford it. (Then I found out online my ex was doing martial arts -- you can imagine how ballistic I went at that point LOL.)

The kids were born and raised (partly) back East in a more urban environment, so my son has no interest in hunting, guns, rodeo, 4H, etc., given that he's had no experience with them. Pep band and church youth group both start next year (9th grade) for him.

He does have a great group of friends and an active social life, his grades are good, he plays soccer and golf....and I never have him on Saturdays. My ex and I have a rather odd custody arrangement whereby he has the kids Tuesday nights and Friday nights thru Saturday dinnertime. I did mention via text to him that I'm concerned about our son and mentioned -- as diplomatically as I could -- that he doesn't seem to do anything with the kids on Saturdays.

Anyway -- thanks. Maybe I'll see if I can possibly afford martial arts (doubtful, but who knows). And I'll look for something else he can get involved in and, if it involves Saturdays, maybe my ex will be willing to help bring him to/from the activity.

It's so good to be able to converse with folks who have been through the same, or very similar, situations!
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