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Default Niece sexually active what to do? 11-12)

Hi, i'm in my mid 20's and have a beautiful niece but at times she thinks she is too beautiful so she has developed a different type of behavior.
A sexual type of behavior which started off by when she wanted to become a model when she gets older.
She is only 11 turning 12 soon and her parents are way to busy flying away for business so she is stuck with me most of the time. I'am going to be very open here.

She only does this when she comes to mine to stay for some few days.
And i find her watching my adult movies when i just left her for 1hr at home so i can go do something.
Ever since then she wants to talk about sex, she wants to become a model and she does erotic poses mind you also, She is asking me can she watch those movies of mine because she finds it interesting.

I don't pay attention and i try changing the subject but she is nagging me a lot over it.
Now... i have also mentioned something small to mommy about it, but she also doesn't take interest what i'm saying.
She works as a stripper so not sure what to do.
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