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Default Re: Niece sexually active what to do? 11

It's not troll iam being for real, i just don't know where to ask so forums is something i choose to talk this out.
I have made another post on other forums and some are saying just let her watch it because the mother is allowing her and you are not so she is getting confused and don't know what to do.

Some are saying it'll be educational for her and sit with her and mommy and if she wants to ask something about it then you both can talk about it.
Ask her how she feels about it and so on.
Well they do get curious at that age don't they?

I have a female friend that has 2 girls and the 9yold is already wanting to sex talk with her but the older one had sex when she was 13. that's what mom told me awhile ago when she found out.
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