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I have a son who will be 2 in May, I've also "practiced" AP. (don't know how else to word it) I think the best way to help your son convert to a daycare setting is to go through it SLOWLY Start out leaving him with someone he knows (a family member/close friend..someone he sees on a regular/semi regular basis) for short periods of time. Go for a walk around the block if that's all you feel comfortable doing at first. Then try going grocery shopping without him or to a movie....maybe even work up to leaving him for a day with grandma? Before leaving him in daycare, if that's the route you end up going, ask if they'll let you bring him to play ...and you stay. Try that for for a short while for a couple days..let him get used to the people there along with the comfort of MOMMY I've just started this with my son because I'll be going back to school in Sept and he'll be in full time daycare. I leave him something of mine (one of my hair scrunchies) ...he wears it around his wrist I think that makes him feel a little better. He's to the point where he can stay a full day/night at Grandma's house without me...and will stay with one of my friends for a couple hours. So things are getting better. Good luck with your son and I hope these tips help ya out a little.
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