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I'm not sure what attachement parenting is exactly.

I do believe a very big part of my role as a parent is to teach my son how to become autonomous (is this a word ?). To teach him how to live without Mommy. Step by step.

Leaving him at the gym's day care might have been too big a step at one time. Still, don't give up. Don't give in. Of course he wants to stay with Mommy, but that doesn't mean he cannot be perfectly happy without you once he's comfortable with the environment/the people.

Maybe those times there were too many other kids ?
Is he used at all to staying with other kids ? I mean WITH you ? That would be another preliminary step.
What I am trying to say is the same Nat is saying really, go slow. But go forward.
Try to give him a little extra challenge at each step, and then keep it at that level for a week or 2, then another little challenge.
And the most important thing is that he feels that YOU are comfortable with leaving him there, and also that you are DETERMINED to do it.
My son still cries when I leave him with a babysitter. But it's a show, and he knows I don't give in, I never did, and he always stops crying the moment I am out of sight.
Good luck, it's one of the hard things especially for the parents.
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