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Hi all, I am kind of new to this site, but I am glad I found this AP Posting. I realized when my son was about a year old that I was doing attached parenting. It might be b/c I live with my mother and am somewhat influneced from her parenting skills and she did AP with me and my brothers as well. But I am very glad I chose this route b/c I feel so close to my son and I feel that a baby in a new world should just be snuggled ever so close all the time....except when mommy needs to go potty and would like that time alone!! That is the issue I am coming to. I do not want to de-tatch myself from my son but sometimes I would like those little times to myself and being in school now and having a lot of homework I need a little room to move. Also I am thinking of doing child care, just b/c it is becomin such a struggle to survive and I need to go back to work so I have to do the child care thing or choose btwn work or school and...well you know, its hard. But I am scared to leave my little guy, and I think that b/c we are so attached it may be so difficult to get him to stay.
I started a gym membership and took him to the little day care, 3 days in a row, after the 15min cry session they came and got me. He was hysterical the whole time. And then I feel guilty and think, I want to do AP b/c this is my baby and I gave up my life to have him so I should be the one to suffer and struggle not him... I dont know any advice??>>>>
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