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Default Re: I found that my daughter has been ly

Originally Posted by MotherBoard View Post
MY children over the 26 years have popped up the question from time to time " how come you cant be like a friend to me, like ____so & so___ parents?"

My answer has never changed

" Honey, you have enough friends and you'll lose and gain friends throughout your lifetime, but what you only have one of is a mom, and that's me. Im more than a friend, and im gonna be with you for the long haul of your life time. "

as a parent we are our childrens everything..., their first love, the first they will hate, the first they wish to marry, we are the first they will lie too... as parents we are the ones laying down the concrete foundations for their life, for when they turn into adults this foundation is what they are going to build their life on.
If we leave cracks in their foundation, they will either fall through them and get caught up in trying to get out of them, or they will need to fix them, them self. all we can do as parents is try to leave as few cracks as possible for them, in their foundation so they can focus on building their life and thrive.

with that said, friendship is in the ingredients for parenting, its just not a main ingredient. when they are grown they can be friends then.
Thank you so much, MotherBoard.
Your advice was the first thing I read this Morning in the bed. I read it several times to have a strength to get up and be a mom with positive energy. Yes, you are right. I should get ready for it before my girl becomes a teen. Have a nice weekend.
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