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Default My daughter first week of school problem

Hello everyone how is everyone weekends going so far .I need advice about my daughter and one of her school teachers .My daughter this past week just started 8 grade and i believe that i mention that she loves school and is a straight A student .So the problem stems from last year school year and this past week it has carried on to this year .I believe it was sometime in March one of her teachers was out sick and i guess they had a sub in one of her classes .I guess the start of class the sub took attendance and my daughter decided to sit next to her friend instead of sitting in her regular seat .So i guess the sub teacher was calling out names and she called out my daughters name and she said she was here and i thought that was the end of it .The next day in class the Regular teacher goes to my daughter what happen to you yesterday .My daughter was like what do you mean i was here so back and forth they went so her teacher did not believe her.So then that afternoon i was called to her school for a meeting with my daughter and this teacher .This meeting i had to tell you was not good her teacher ask me why my daughter was not in class so my daughter was like do not look at me daddy i was here .Then my daughter was like it seems this lady is losing her marbles and her teacher got very upset and i was like young lady behave your self and apologize to your teacher .So instead of apologize she left the room upset and angry .Her teacher explain to me that they have a 5 day a quarter and once you reach 5 if you go over that you fail either all of your subjects or the one that you do not show up in .So her teacher told me that she has to fail her for the quarter and i was like for what and i was like yes she was out a few times this year because of a few times being sick .

I then was like maybe you should check with the sub teacher because i told her trust me my daughter was in school yesterday .Then she was like well i do not believe you or your daughter so i was like so are you calling us lying so she was like good afternoon soon this meeting is over .My daughter ask me after i left the room how did you make out and i explain to her that you have to fail English for the Quarter.My daughter got all upset and was crying and yell out the B word in the hall which i was very surprise .We then got in the car and i explain to my daughter i do not like your language you need to change it young lady .

So to make a long story even short after meetings with the headmaster and her teacher she agree to lift the E which is a failing grade to a D which she just passes .Her teacher at this meeting with the headmaster that she still does not believe either of us but i will just pass her .She then told me that she will not apologize to my daughter because of the way my daughter said to her .

In a way i agree with her teacher but my god like i told her that is not the way i teach my daughter not to respect other people .

So fast forward to this past week the second of day of school and my daughter does not have that crazy teacher this year .My daughter was sent home because she swore and called her so many names i was so upset and angry at her .

So that night and before she went to school the next day i had a nice chat with my daughter .i explain to my daughter she needs to let this go and its time to move on i told her i am not raising you to not respect any teacher is that clear .

Then she goes to me OMG daddy i cannot believe your taking her side and i was like excuse me young lady i am not taking her side .I was like did she do the wrong thing and i was like yes we have to let things go in life .I was like was it right for you to called her names no and my daughter was like yes and again young lady do i need to ground you for a week .I was then like i want you and she started talking and i was like please let me finish .So this coming tuesday your going to school with all smiles .I was then like i do not care if you do not talk to your former teacher but my god young lady the school year has just started .The headmaster told me if it happens again he will suspend you for 3 days .I was like the school does not put up with and as your and i will not either .

I had to be a mean dad but does anyone agree with me out that i have to put my foot down and i hope she lets this go .I will keep you posted on what happens have a great day
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