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Default Is It OK?

I am experiencing a bit of depression here lately. At times, I treat my 15 year old daughter like . I resent her. I have been divorced and a single parent since January 2013. I have sole custody of the children. I have a 15 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. I have been in a long distance relationship with a wonderful woman. She lives about an hour south of me. When I first got divorced from my ex, I tried to move dont here 6 months after. It didn't work out so well. I was so used to having things my way and she was the same. My kids acted unhappy and noted to me their feelings. I moved back to our hometown after 6 months and my girlfriend and I decided to keep seeing each other. I am ready to move back down there. She has 3 wonderful children whom I love as a parent that I miss dearly each and every week. We take turns coming and going to visit each other every weekend. I told my daughter that I would try to let her finish school before I made another move. I want to do good by my word, but I think I am starting to resent her. It seems like everything she does, I feel is fake and not genuine for some reason. I feel like when she tells me im the best parent and a good dad, I feel like it is emotionless and fake. I do not want to feel like this. I feel like its all her fault that I cant move with my girlfriend and be happy raising my family along with hers. The other day, I browsed her Facebook messages and read her and her boyfriend talking. She was saying all these awful things about me, calling me fat and saying that she hopes I die. I used to think the same things about my dad at times, so I knew they were thoughts of anger. I also found out that she unplugged my camera and had her boyfriend over while I was away. All these things and im still left here resenting her and feeling like I should make her move, because she betrayed my trust and I shouldn't hold up on my word. I so desperately need other parents to chime in and give me suggestions on things to do. I feel like my days are in repeat,. Wake, work, home, sleep and repeat. I have always doubted people who said they were depressed, and now I know they weren't lying..
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