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Default Tell son can't see abusive dad?

I have been separated for 5 years and divorced for three. My two sons and I fled and relocated in another state when my boys were 2 and 4. Fast forward we are safe stable happy and I am engaged to a wonderful man and father figure. The circumstances of our previous home life resulted in their biological father losing all custody right and visitation of the children after three years of court ordered supervised visitation. My now 7 years old ( was 2 at the time we fled and 5 the last time he saw his father often asks me when he will see his dad, asks me if he call call him and is worried he is alone and will forget about him and his brother.

how do I explain to my 7 year old that he won't ever see his father again? I don't want him to feel unloved, I don't want to bad mouth his father or create ugly feelings, and I also don't want him to know all the ways that his father abused him and his brother since he doesn't remember most of this. What do I say? I have been avoiding a good explanation and he is beginning to get angry with my generalized answers.
How do I give him what he needs to know withought taking away his innocence or exposing him to such terrible things that will o my confuse him, hurt him, or make him feel unloved by his father?
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