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Default What's Causing Early Puberty in Girls?

An interesting subject I came across recently...

What's Causing Early Puberty in Girls?
By Ngoc Nguyen

On the January 8th edition of Your Call, we'll have a conversation about why girls are entering puberty earlier than ever before? On the next Your Call, we’ll talk with Doctors Louise Greenspan and Julianna Deardorff, authors of The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today's Girls. Just a generation ago, fewer than 5 percent of girls started puberty before the age of 8; today that percentage has more than doubled. Why is this happening, and what can we do to help girls through this major transition? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.


Dr. Louise Greenspan is a pediatric endocrinologist, focusing on puberty, who works at Kaiser Permanente and is on the faculty at UC San Francisco.

Dr. Julianna Deardorff is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in adolescent health and an associate professor at UC Berkeley.
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Default Re: What's Causing Early Puberty in Girl

Here is a link to some explanations and some fear mongering.

Not that I'm completely down playing the risks but my daughter went into puberty very young. By the time she was 6, she was wearing a small sports bra. I saw how fast she was developing and I always talked to her about what is happening to her body, including menstration, which worried me because I thought I would freak her out. But it wasn't that bad. She understood, had some worries, but I think talking about it helped a bit. The next year she got her period while visiting her grandparents. How awkward is that?! My daughter didn't tell me until we were at the corner store and then she whispered' "Uh, mom? I got blood in my period." I whispered back, "Oh, okay. That is your period. We'll get something for that." I brought her to the aisle and helped her choose what she may want to use.
No tampons. No push up bras. I do let her get something pretty because that's what some girls like and she is the only one that has to look at it and it might as well be something she feels good in.

I don't find it useful or helpful to make a huge deal and make a child scared or shamed for developing earlier.
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