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Default S12 will not sleep over

S12 literally turned 12 5 days ago.

I have been separated for about 7 months. For the first few months, S12 slept over without issue.

My soon to be ex (STBX) took him to the psychologist and came back saying that he doesn't want to sleep over all the time. I took it as once in a while he won't.

So, now 4 months later he still hasn't slept over. In the middle of this we tried reconciling through marriage counseling so for about 5 weeks I didn't worry about it. I am fed up. I've asked my STBX for about a month now to sit and tell S12 that he needs to start sleeping over on Saturdays (to start) when I have them and that we are going to wean him off of this. I have gotten nothing but refusal. I also asked my STBX to come up with a plan but refuses to yield. She thinks his "happiness" is more important than doing what I view to be in his best interest. She doesn't even suggest taking him to his (S12's) psychologist and I am at the point where I am ready to demand it. Additionally, I want a different psychologist. I am not impressed with the one I currently have.

To be frank, I think she has manipulated him to an extent. She lets him do whatever he wants. But my proof is not concrete. My son did say that "mommy told me that I am 11 and can decide for myself". THIS BLEW ME AWAY. I literally think my STBX has a loose screw.

Anyway, what are acceptable ways to resolve this issue? What should I expect my STBX to be agreeable to and what would a judge in this case suggest? We filed motions for modification of temporary custody and to have a GAL assigned. Trying to talk my wife into doing the right thing is like talking to a brick wall. Regardless, what are some possible suggestions?

I'll add that the kids are 100% happy and cared for at my house.
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