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What do you do for child care?

Day care, Private home child care, does someone come to your house?

What arrangements do you have, and what do you find works best?
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inni is an unknown quantity at this point

When the boys were little (babies) I had someone come into my home. I was paranoid - and I wanted to be able to feel safer. My ex worked nights at the time, and was home asleep - while the "nanny of sorts" came and took care of the boys.

When they got older, I changed to the less expensive day care option. I felt it was a good thing too - because they got to spend time with other children.

Right now, Nicolas is in a private day care - and the lady who runs it is a new single mom just starting the business. (Nic was her second child). He likes it there, and I am proud of what she is doing - and like the fact that in a small way, I am supporting her. Her ex is like most of ours - and trying to make her life miserable.

I think family is best - if you have that option.

I'm curious too - at what age do you think it's okay to let your child come home from school and be alone until you come home from work?

My oldest is 15 1/2 and he's been doing it since he was 14.
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I became the daycare.
Actually it is up to you and what is important for you to provide your child. I have a large in home daycare and the kids get a lot of individual contact and care. There is a real bond between me,staff and the children. We just can't have as any activities with the kids as a commercial daycare. We don't have as many outings and things like that. I have some friends of mine that take their children to the commercial daycare in the next town because they have more field trip type activities for the kids. I have parents in my daycare that won't take their kids to a commercial daycare because the field trips are not as important. They want someone who will hug there kids on a regular basis when the child needs or wants it. Most commercial daycares, in out state, have to rotate their staff every few months or so so the kids don't get use to any one person.
What's important to you?

As far as leaving kids home alone. Part will depend on your state laws. We don't have a law that says what age you can leave your children. We have "guide lines" ooooo
The guide lines state that it is matureity level.
Will the child answer the door?
What will the child do if the phone rings?
If the person asks for Mom what will the child say?
Does the child know what to do in case of an emergency?
Will the child be able to follow through in case of an emergency?
How well does the child follow directions?

I have 8 and 10 year old boys. I have left them alone at home while running to the store in town. Short trips. I have no problem with this and am confident in their abilities to handle themselves.

I have an almost 13 year old girl that I would not leave alone. I sometimes have trouble when I simply walk outside to talk with someone muchless for any length of time.
I also started leaving my now 18 year old alone at about 10 years old, again very short trips at first.
I also plan on having people knock on the door to see if they will answer. I have people call and block their numbers to see what they will say or do. I put them through a mill of "tests" before I have the confidence.
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