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Default father not bringing child back to mother


My bf & I have cut communications (on his end), and has made no effort in seeing his daughter (last seen her since April 1). We never lived together. He use to live close to me but had to move due to eviction. In the past he has threatened me by wanting our baby and have his mom raise her. He lives 1.5 hrs away from his mother, 2 hrs away from me and I'm 30 mins away from his mother. He has verbally abused me and one point almost physically assaulted me. He has in the past assaulted those he was at one point close to but no charges brought up. This came out of his mouth. (I regret I didn't see that as a BIG WARNING).

This cutting communication is fairly normal when he's mad at me. He usually goes "blind and deaf" and feels the need to "teach me lesson" (his words) so he behaves this way. I usually ignore it and let him calm down.

My concern is, I do not mind (I would be more than happy ) if he wants to spend time with her but could he take her (for daddy time) and not bring her back?
I can't trust him anymore with anything these days.

Aside from filing a report, could the cops make him hand our baby back to me?
I am the main caretaker, our baby has always lived with me and is on my lease. When we were on good terms, he would stay over to watch her when I was working (20 hrs a wk) but I don't always work. I had to go PT for our baby. But otherwise , all me

Thanks for the advice
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