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Exclamation It's that time for support to change

My daughter turns 21 in a few weeks and will get her last post secondary check from her mom in August. I told their mom when that happens,we will return to court and get a modification for my son's support since she won't have to pay on my daughter anymore. My daughter started working a few days a week,on weekends when out of school so she can have money for herself,especially since I'm unable to work for now. We live with my parents and have for 2 years. My dad is sick and won't get any better so we do the yard work and whatever else he isn't able to do.
I have already filed the paperwork ahead of time so when September comes,the modification will be in effect. I've used the state calculator and have an idea what it will go up,around $60 a month,which is still less then what she is paying now. I offered to let her pay my daughter a small amount each month and not do the modification,but she refused. So I went ahead with letting the judge set support to where it should be.
I avoid talking to her as much as possible,I haven't spoke to her since September except the one time last month to try and come to an agreement with my daughter's post secondary support. Idk how she can just turn her back on her when she is trying very hard to get an education,but she does it.
My daughter does work part time now. 2-3 days a week. But it doesn't get in the way of school and she is keeping her grades up. When I get back to work,we're going to talk about her about just quitting her job and focus on school. I don't have to pay rent here so I would have money to give her do she doesn't have to work. I just hope it's not a 3 month ordeal again getting my back aligned again. I was feeling great sleeping again and able to work a normal job and I just had to mess it all up again. I'm frustrated about it. I've dealt with pain in and off since 2006,but this is the first time seeing a chiropractor for it and I wish I knew sooner because he fixed me up good. We were working on my neck when I fell.
Anyways,she said she has a surprise for me when we go to court,when ever that is,but I will do what I done last September when I had to take her to court to pay my daughter,and that was to stay on the reason why we are there,not talk about visits again with my son. The judge agreed and told her to fill out the paperwork and bring it to court,he doesn't have time to deal with it. She never did file. So I really have no idea what she has planned but I know I will stay on subject and everything else will be mute.
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