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isis v.
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hi i am 22 yrs old and a single mother of a 2yr old who is going on 21.
my daughter has been through alot of things for being only two.
her father is in jail for making the biggest mistake of his life so she will never know what having a father will feel like. I haven't made anything any easier for us either. I spent the first year so busy worrying about how I was going to except the fact that i would never be able to hold him or be with him ever again that i completely locked myself away from everyone including her. i lived with my oldest sister at the time so she took care of her most of the time. i was so confused and miserable. thinking about how my daughter didn't deserve never to have a father in her life. asking myself questions that i couldn't answer. everything was just so confusing. i didn't want to accept the fact that this was my life. Well i finally came to my senses and started living again, but know i had to start living again with my daughter who didn't want to be with me, talk to me, or listen to me. and it was all my fault. I would spank her and punish her but she still wouldn't listen, she became very distant from me and i hated it. i cried every night telling my self this is what you get.
Well know we live by ourselves, and things have gotten a lot better. But my only concern is that she is vulnerable to men. she talks to them and smiles at them, runs and hugs them (strangers, friends, etc it doesn't matter.)and it completely freaks me out because i'm afraid of something happening to her. am i over reacting or what? What can i do to teach her about strangers and not scare her from the world?
My daughter has a mind of a 6yr old no kidding. Shes not a normal 2yr old. She speaks very well and understands everything you tell her. sometimes i think she is too smart for her own good. I'm not bragging i'm just afraid of losing her? PLEASE HELP?
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Slow down. No need to get worried over this behavior it is very normal at this age. From about the age of 2 to 4 most kids will swarm to the opposite sex. It's nothing sexual or bad it's just how they develop. If her father was still around she would want him all the time and would shy away from you. It's stronger in boys but girls go through it also. At this age it is ok to have her start learning about stranger danger and good touch bad touch. These are ways of teaching kids about these things but no scaring them. Also explain to her that hugging strangers is rude and start teaching her about manners. There are many books and videos out there that can help you. Also come into IL forum on this board many single moms in your area maybe able to help. Please feel free to PM or email me chicagomom1 at aol dot *** . I too am from chicago.

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