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Default College Aid

I posted this a a whine in "whiners anonymous" but I was going to post here because more people might read it.

I'm looking for financial aid sources for college. Here is the gist of it:

When I enrolled in college in August, I was told that because my mother is a professor that I would get my tuition waived, and I specifically asked if it mattered that I was out of the house with kids of my own. They said "No, so long a you're her child."

Now they're saying that's not the case. If she's not claiming me on her taxes, I'm not a dependent, so I can't get it. Luckily, they're going to give me an exception and cover this semester since I was misinformed and they confirmed that with the girl who I spoke with when enrolling. As of the Spring semester, I"m on my own with no financial aid. I'll be paying around $1000 per semester plus books out of pocket. It's only a 2 yr degree I'm going for, but I'll have to go for a semester, then pay it off over the next semester, then go for another semester, rinse and repeat until I'm finished.

Because of my stupidity when I was 17 and 18, I have a crappy GPA and $15k in student loans in default. Right now, with every test and assignment I've completed I'll be making a 4.0 this semester if I keep it up.

Do any of you know how to get any type of non-traditional financial aid for college if you're in default on student loans and they refuse to work with you?
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I would suggest you try they are a great help and can usually find you aid. I am also attending college. I graduate April 29th of 08. What are you going for? Im getting my Associates in Business, I hope to one day own my own business.
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Yep, try I am going to college online at the UOPhoenix and am getting financial aid.
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What type of loan is defaulted? Is it one of the Federal Direct Loans, like a Stafford or Perkins?

If it is, you may be able to consolidate the loan even if you are in default. That gets you out of default. (I know b/c I've been there, done that)

Can I ask, what do you mean by they won't work w/ you? Your loan holder won't work out some agreement w/ you? What exactly are they saying?

Last, be careful when going for "non-traditional" financial aid if by that you mean loans. The interest rates can be really high...just like when u have bad credit and get a "non-traditional" car loan.
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