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B's Momma
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It's only the second week of classes and already I'm missing one! Yesterday I went to work in B's preschool (it's a parent co-op so I work four hours a week) and they ended up sending us both home early because he's sick. He does have a cold, but so does every other child there! He has no fever, and I took him to urgent care last night to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection or something...nothing, it's just a cold! I'm not trying to be heartless by sending my kid to school sick, but some of my classes base part of your grade on attendance...sigh...I guess I better give up being an A student...
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Hey, B's Momma!

Don't give up yet, it's tough but you'll get through it. I was in the same situation when I returned to school. I'll admit, it's tougher when the kids are younger. My kid and I are getting by on school loans and part time jobs, I'm losing my mind. In the beginning I learned to find resources everywhere.

Start talking to other parents and friends at school and find out if they know any one or a place where they could take care of B. I used to cook meals for people or bathe their animals, and other odd jobs in return for a couple of hours a week to take care of my child while I was at school. I did run around like a chicken without a head, but I managed to keep my grades up. Talk to your professors also, you'll be amazed how understanding they are, especially when they see how hard you work for your good grades. Remember, the more back up plans you have the better. Stay positive, I've had my down moments, but I remember I'm doing this for my kid's future and that is what keeps me motivated. Good luck!!
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Setting New Standards

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Surely someone at teh school understands the importance of parenting, and if your child is sick it is a legit reason to miss a day.

Don't be so hard on yourself..the rules are set most likely so people don't take advantage of it.You shouldnt have to feel guilty taking time off cause your kid is sick. I am sure any teacher would understand that.
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