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It seems like,from reading the posts,that the majority of moms and dads on here are going to college.I think that is wonderful,something I've always wanted to do but always chicken out.Cheers to all of you !!!! I think it's great that you are doing something to improve the lives of you and your children.I find it interesting to hear what people are taking and where they are attending school.I guess it's like living vicariously through others,or whatever.but I enjoy it.So,let me have my little thrill,and you all no as a SINGLE parent you take it where you can get it .LOL. So brag on yourselves a little and tell everyone what you've accomplished. And you should all pat yourselves on the back,and know that what you are doing is wonderful and will make your childs life so much better in the future.I know I'm nobody to be talking about something that I'm not even a part of but I am on the other side of it.And I look up to and admire all of you that have the courage and strenght to take on such a task.I think it's wonderful what you are doing and I just wanted you all to know what an inspiration you are to the rest of us,or to me at least.So,consider this a pat on the back,round of applause,and a standing ovation from me,to all of you,you deserve it. What are taking in college? Where are going to college? What do you hope to do with your degree when you graduate? GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WITH THEIR CLASSES THIS SEMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dawn Butterfly
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I think trishl, you also deserve that applause for being such an encourager to single parents here to pursue their degrees. More cheers to you!!

I'm also interested to know what people are taking here... your degrees, your school, and your job too. As for me, there's nothing to brag because college in the Philippines is very affordable (I only spent around US$100 for tuition fees in each semester because the tuition is subsidized by the government) and I was not yet a single parent when I was in college and when I started taking MBA units (just one more subject and an exam then I will already earn my master's degree). Maybe I would not have finished those degrees had I been a single parent during those times. That's why I highly admire those single parents here who can juggle family, work and school... kudos to all of you!!

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Im in my 3rd year at Western (in Ontario), this is my last year in my Arts and Science Degree, and next year I will be going to transfer to Saginaw University (in Michigan) and I wil be majoring in education, minoring in Social and Intergrated Sciences. Eventually hoping to be a highschool science teacher. I had my kids when I was 16, so its really important to me to do well, not only for my family, but to show other teen mothers that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!
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I got a local university and I am studying paralegal. Which is what I do now, but my title is legal assistant. I am taking accounting 101 and pysch 101, both online because I dont have time to sit in a class to help others.

However, my one pet peeve about college: group assignments. yes, in the real world you have to learn to deal with people and be friendly, blah blah blah. but since i'm paying for it, i have no desire to help others get their degree.
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Hi! I have never posted here before but I saw this subject and it made me happy. I am currently pregnant (with twins!) and I am a college student as well. I am majoring in Biology and plan to become a Physicians Assistant down the road. It is definitly good to see other single parents going to school too. I feel a little better about not being the only one!
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