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Default Learning with Fun

Teaching your child numbers and letters should be fun for the child and you.
1.) Using multi-colored construction paper, draw and cutout one letter or number at a time (starting with “A” or “1” of course). After you do each one, get some scotch tape and tape the letter or number to the child’s wall in his or her room. Before the child goes to bed each night, ask him or her where the letter “A” is on the wall. Just cut out one or two per night so that the child isn’t overloaded, and so that you will have something the two of you can look forward to doing each day.
2.) If you’re waiting somewhere with your child (in line, in a doctor’s waiting room, etc.), just look around and try to find a sign, magazine, etc. that has numbers and letters on it. Ask your child to name the letters or numbers that you point out. It’s a great way to pass the time and to teach your child simultaneously.
3.) Play a game called “Find the “A.” Tell your child to go around the house and find the letter “A,” whether on a book, a wall, a picture, or whatever might be around with letters on it. Reward your child with something, like a treat or a sticker. Then play “Find the letter “B.” With an incentive to find the letters, you’ll be surprised how quickly your child will learn.
4.) While in the car, you can play the same type of game mentioned above, but using license plates of cars on the road. As a sidenote, using cars is also a good way to teach your child colors.
5.) Using sidewalk chalk, write out the alphabet in your driveway. Then shout out a letter and have the child run to that letter as quickly as possible. You can even put a sticker or some other treat on each letter so that once the child finds the correct letter, he or she can pick up the treat. For children just learning, writhe the letters in order. Once they get a little older, challenge them by mixing the letters up.
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