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I am a single parent to precious twin boys whom i adore. I was with their dad for five years prior to their birth. They were born eight weeks premature and were quite poorly, when they were just 4months old by partner decided to do a vanishing act (my boys are now 3yrs).

Since his departure he has not seen the boys (over 2yrs). Needless to say i feel like i lived with a complete stranger for those 5years. Aswell as not keeping in contact he has not made any financial contributions, everytime the CSA arrange for payments he leaves his job, i think the CSA use the term (job hopping) to describe what he is doing. What is extremely annoying is the fact he is on amazing money and i am struggling to make ends meet. When he did the vanishing act he also drained the bank accounts and left me with a rather large mortgage, which is in joint names. I have managed to keep up with all the mortgage payments over the last 2 and half years with absolutly no help from him.
So i am still living in a house i can't afford to live in and maintain because the arshole will not sign the papers to allow me to sell it. A court application has finally now been made in order for the house to be transferred into my sole name to allow me to sell, which i have been told could take months!

I am getting increasingly annoyed, its been over two years and i haven't got any financial assistance from him and i can't ______ sell this house!!

I just want to be able to get on with my life and enjoy my beautiful boys, why on earth do ex's want to make things more difficult than they already are?

If anyone has any advice i would be very grateful.
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I don't have a whole lot of advise as I have not found a solution for any of my problems either. however, I did want to welcome you to the site and say that I am very pleased to see that you are taking such good care of those two boys on your own. My friend also has twin boys and I am amazed everyday that I see her with them. Kudos to you!

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I'm new around here too.
Sorry no wisdom here. (teehee) from me.
I can offer my admiration and encouragement.
Way to go keeping the house a float.
Keep fighting, push the lawyers to push on freeing you from the house. Umm. I would suggest you watch for a remarkable resurfacing when the house is going to sell.
Hang in there, you've come this far on your own you'll make it.
I can offer this little tiny bit of advise.
Give up trying to figure out his why's and what not. You'll probally never find that answer or answers. Only waste your time, energy and focus.

I hope it progresses quickly for you.
Give your lawyer a goal
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