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curse really all I want is time with her

This is very frustrating ..All I want is to be able to spend time with my grandbaby..and the mother is so wishy washy..she is okay as long as my son is doing for her but when she gets mad she puts him out ...(he still calls her every payday to see what she needs for the baby)..no paternity has been established at this points..he did sign the birth certificate and has taken on the responsibility of her 2 yr old (the father surrendered his rights so he would have to deal with her)..anyways..my son has expressed doing the same..

I have told her over and over I want no part of whats going on between them..all I want is to spend time with my grandbaby..but when she is mad at him I cant see her either....(really they are together this week and broke up the next)..and she threatens him with things like if he is to see anyone else he dont get to see his child anymore....he has went to see a lawyer..but the cost is enourmous..(they live in a small town)..the lawyer told him to wait til she goes for child support and that he will take on his case at no cost.

I had her for a week last month on my birthday the first time she has been able to stay with me I live about 2 hours from them...and now this week coming up I have another week off work and would like to get her during that time and when I call her they are broke up again..and tells me I have to wait til visitations are set up ..I told her that I am not in a visitation order that is between them and that it will always be up to her when I can see the baby and can I get her this weekend ..she gives excuses about gas and when I offer to pay those expenses she comes up with another excuse..

Its frustrating..My question is does anyone know about grandma rights and if she does go to court in the near furture can I get visitations etc..
I have concerns about both of their parenting but I dont bud into none of it..(only with my son when he is not "being a man"..I will tell him about it..

if you can offer some advice and suggestions..I am listening.
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