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Default Less the 4 months to to

My gf is 24 weeks along and everything has been ok. She has carpal tunnel in her wrist but got a shot to relieve the numbness she was having.
Baby is very active and letting her know she is in there and alive and well. She keeps kicking her when she tries to sleep. This will be her first and only kid,she decided she only wants one,and I think her choice was based on her having a girl. If she had a biyt,I'm sure we would be discussing this,but like I told her,we ar ent getting any younger so I think 1 is enough since I have my 2 living with me. My daughter is 21 and could be on her own,but she is in college still and said she doesn't want to move out even after college. I'll let her decide but she always has a place to stay if she decides she wants to try sometime to live on her own. She offered to help with bills and pay a little rent,which I refuse to take.
My kids are getting excited for their new baby sister to come. My daughter has bought some stuff already. Hher parents are very excited since she will be their first girl grandchild. I see the kidnapping her often but I don't mind. They are good people and will take care of her.
I don't really sleep much at night or sleep much at all so she will give me something to do while I'm up.
I know it's a lot of responsibility and my health isn't the best as far as my pain level,but I'll be fine and enjoy raising another baby. I was apprehensive and had some anxiety for a few months but it's getting closer to her coming and I'm ready for her.
My gf works mornings so I'll be taking care of her most of the time. I'm unable to work so it works out ok and I really don't trust a sitter. To many crazy people in this world.
Finally for a change I feel like I made better choices. It wasn't planned for her to get pregnant yet,but I can only blame myself for that. It won't change anything between us and life has been so much better then my past relationships. I guess we have to endure some bad to get to the right person.
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All forums, topics and discussions are geared to single parents and the issues faced with single parenting.
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