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Default Support Modification Pennsylvania

My husband and I divorced in 2012. He left the family home with his mistress and left me unable to pay for our mortgage alone. I moved out too and the house was lost and taken back by the bank.

At the time my ex had no interest in our children, I was given primary custody of the three of them and my child support was $1008 a month. We currently both make the same amount that we made then. He covers medical insurance thru his work.

Fast forward to October 2015. My middle child is giving me major discipline problems. Dropping the F bomb on me - sneaking out of the house when I told him no...and basically doing anything he wants. I asked his father for help on many occasions and he did nothing to support me. Finally one day my son got in my face and called me an "F'ing Ho Bag" and I swatted at him -- basically to scare him. I immediately called his dad right after it happened and instead of backing me up and telling his son he can't talk to me like that -- he reported me to child services. Child services found nothing wrong (and its a good thing because he reported me but told them he couldn't take him to live with him)...it would cut in on mistress time. So he wasn't too concerned about his well being - only about trying to sock it to me. Oh and he and the mistress both work at my kids school district - so they made the child services call from the school!

Anyway - after months of not being able to deal with my sons behavior and getting no help I decide it is time for my son to go live with his dad for a little while. He was abusive to his brother and sister and needed a change of scenery. His dad agreed and we went back to court. My idea was to do it temporarily but his dad saw dollar signs and heard from friends that his support would be greatly reduced so he agreed. Well - the support went from $1008 to $262 month! How am I supposed to care for 2 other children on that?

My question is - in Pennsylvania...can you ask for your expenses to be considered in the calculation? I am very frugal...my expenses are basic, rent, car payment, thrash pickup, water, sewer, heat, etc...no extras. My two paychecks I get a month JUST cover these basic needs. I live on my own and pay for everything -- where as my ex has always lived with his mistress. The are now married and living with HER MOTHER. Their rent is minimal and they split all expenses.

When my son went over there...he was immediately gifted with a new big flatscreen TV and a Playstaion...and has been getting other things too. I, on the other hand will have NO money other than the $262 a month to afford groceries, clothing, haircuts, personal item, gas for my car, etc.

Is it possible to have it modified given that I pay for everything myself and am not irresponsible with money? I never buy anything for myself, have not had a haircut for myself in over a year - get my clothes from the yard sale...and use coupons like a thief!

Can anyone give me any advice on what I can do here? I can get another job - but would be working all the time and not hope for my other two kids who needs rides to and from work and from school activities (which their father refuses to do because he said he is only responsible for one of our children now).

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, and I do work full time - as does his dad - he makes about $11K a year more than me and his mistress makes $41K - so they are bringing in over $100K a year to afford their joint expenses.
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Default Re: Support Modification Pennsylvania

Read the law in your state and talk to a couple of attorneys.
You can usually do an initial consult for free - I'd do 2-3 of those after researching what the laws are in my state.
Best of luck.
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