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Exclamation How to Secure a SFH from Theft

Sometimes I get afraid when the night comes, me and my baby will hear creepy sound outside the door.

and I saw an article that I like to share with you, I've cut some ____ of the original one, cuz its so damn long.

For copyrights I past the link here:


What if a theft really sneak into my house, how am I gonna do to protect my kids without a man besides me. Do this method work? Here is the tips it gives:

NO.1: Install Security Mesh on Your Doors and Windows

You go through a lot of trouble and spend a lot of money to secure your doors and windows, installing strong security locks and choosing the highest quality and strongest materials. But how much thought do you give to the screens that provide airflow and cool you off on those hot summer days?

A well-prepared burglar can slash your door and window screens in seconds, making your door lock completely irrelevant in the process. Installing security mesh on your existing doors and windows, or building mesh-strengthened screens into your new construction, can make a world of difference.

NO.2: Improve Visibility of Your Single-Family House

Burglary statistics and reports reveal that secluded houses are more likely to be intruded and burglarized. Secluded houses are often isolated from the road, and street, which creates a perfect environment for burglars to take action. Thus, make your single-family house more visible so that your neighbors and passers-by can see or hear a burglar. Cut trees, and trim shrubs regularly so that they will not hide the view of your house. And you can try to plant some security plants to deter unwanted visitors.

No.3: Keep Your Front Porch Clear

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you may find yourself inundated with flyers for local restaurants, car repair places and other service providers. It is tempting to leave those door hangers and other items where they are, but doing do can create the impression that you are not at home.

You should remove any accumulated items off the front porch and around the mailbox on at least a daily basis. The last thing you want is for a passing burglar to spot your bulging mailbox and think you have gone away on vacation.

NO.4: Take Part in the Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch program is a great way to increase security of single-family residence.

It’s a win-win program for all people living in the same community. Residents join together to keep the community safe. After joining in the program, you learn how to proactively apply prevention techniques and how to report suspicious activities. A safer and more secure neighborhood lays the foundation for your home security.

NO.5: Pretend to Say Goodbye When You Leave Home

Living alone can put you at greater risk of a home break-in, so pretend to say goodbye to a companion every time you leave for work or head out to run errands. Just pause on your front stoop and wave goodbye to your imaginary companion – no one will think it strange because no one will know there is really nobody else at home.
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