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Default I just need to vent!!!

Can we all agree as a first time mom you get a unusual strong unbreakable attachment to your newborn child?? I don't understand why I feel so selfish and attached to my daughter when it comes to other people even family.. I look at every detail from how they hold her to the way they turn their heads when coughing.. First off let me say her father and I were only friends when at first and never dated. My little miracle was conceived unintentionally but I loved her so much even when I found out but her dad wasn't really involved throughout my pregnancy. Not trying to down tlk him but he showed his true colors for 9 months and after she was born she got alot of attention from family to strangers to social media she's very beautiful and she looks just like him.. but him being conceited didn't show her attention until after seeing how much fame she had.. I hate to think he only uses her for fb likes and trying to get credit for being a good dad.. only 3 days out the hospital he wants to takes pictures with her and his other child together but doesn't understand the importance of postpartum period. BACK to my main problem tho.. I enjoy other people seeing her and showing her love but only for like 30 seconds then I get selfish and want to take her away from the center of attention. Idk what it is but I can't stand the sight of others trying to be there for her and they don't even know her like I do.. mainly her dad.. but I truly love her and I understand the importance of family and social life but dammit I want her to myself.. one of the many benefits of breastfeeding I get to take her from everyone else to feed her and soothe her when she's hungry 😈😂 I love the fact that she has to depend on me and only I can feed her but if you can relate please let's socialize 😂
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