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Default Separation and relocation

I am in need of a hand that could guide me in this difficult moment of my life. I am a responsible and loving father who is very attached to his 3 years son and 6 year daughter (they love me so much and vice-versa). I am also a good citizen, I never get drunk, don't do drugs, I do sports and keep a healthy life (I don’t even have a driving ticket). Unfortunately my wife has a long history abusing the system and playing the victim role. For the past 3 months she has been preparing our separation (behind my back), destroying evidence on my favour, provoking to see if I fall into a trap, and contacting all kind of people to get support ( she is getting support from woman protection, as I understand she claimed "verbal abuse", which is totally unfair.
We have been married for 7 years and recently (last year) we moved to Mississauga from Ottawa for a new job. As terrible bad coincidence, my position, along with other 5 positions in my job, was cut 5 days after I received the letter of separation from my wife's lawyer (September 16). Losing my family and job in less than a week (and without any warning) is making me feel sad and depress.
The letter I receive is asking me to leave the house asap, sole custody, spousal support, child support, 50% of our assets (which is not much), among other things. Ironically, my wife and I are communicating without confrontations and we are doing things together, such as playing board games with the kids (the reality is very far away from the history she is inventing to get support). Since then, I have convinced her that is not good for the kids to separate them from their father (I can say with confidence that I have been a good father to them). She has agreed to joint custody, but she wants to include a clause that said that if we have a disagreement she will have the last word, which I am not willing to accept (is a blank cheque, and she has a very unstable life), she also has agreed to negotiate other aspect of our separation. However, the thing that worries me the most is that she wants to go back to Ottawa with the kids in 2 months. She has advised me that if I don't sign a letter accepting her relocation, she is going to go to court, and warned me that her legal fees are covered by the help she is receiving.
I just lost my job so I can't not afford to go to court (I have had very stable jobs in the past and a good career, losing my job at this time is making me feel terrible). My children are happy in school here, there are more chances that I will get a job in GTA, and I don't want any extra changes (to those related to the separation) in the life of my kids. She will argue that Ottawa is less expensive, she has a sister there (who is working full time, and who had a terrible relationship with my wife in the past), she has friends (from the time we lived in Ottawa), and she feels everything is easier there.
I don't mind giving her what she is asking in terms of money. But I really care about my kids, I know that they will be sad if they don't see his daddy (and vice-versa). For the first time of my life I feel cornered, sad, and powerless. I writing to you with the hope you can assist me.
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Default Re: Separation and relocation

Feeling very sorry for you mate, i would advice you to take advice from any professional lawyer as it is a very sensitive case so don't take advice from any one whom you dont know. I hope everything would be fine soon.
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Default Re: Separation and relocation

i agree with davidhurley
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