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Default Should I leave?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 years off and on now. We fight constantly over everything. He does whatever he wants, goes to bars, dinners, car shows, while I am at home with the baby. He has no interest in doing anything as a family. He curses at me and makes me feel worthless all the time. When it comes to the baby, when he does actually take a feeding for me, he props the baby somewhere with the bottle. The other night I came out from bed because the baby was crying and he had him laying face down on the couch hitting his back as to burp him, and he had thrown up all over the couch. I asked why he did that to him and he said he wouldn't f-in burp. Another day I went for a haircut and came home to find my son in his swing with the bottle propped in his mouth. My boyfriend was in the back of the house doing his hair and getting ready to go out, and left my son with a pit bull in the other room. He had eaten almost the whole bottle without being burped and got sick and the hiccups. When my son is hungry, he puts his hands up in front of his mouth to comfort himself, a completely normal thing infants do. My boyfriend gets mad and slaps him hands and says he's doing it on purpose so he can't get the bottle in his mouth. When he cries he says he's a *b* and a sissy and yells at him to stop. He is 12 weeks old! We got in a fight one night and I went to leave. He told me I couldn't and blocked the front door. I went out the back and he stopped me at my car, attacked the arm I had my keys in, forcing me to drop the carseat to the ground. Ended up ripping one of my nails off so low it was bleeding. Last night we were arguing and he went to leave as usual and I went to follow him out the door, he pushed me back with the baby in my arms. I am afraid something will happen to my son if I do not get him out of there, and I don't think him listening to screaming every other day is good for him. My boyfriend tells me all the time to get out and he doesn't want to be with me. That he's an a-hole, and will always be. That he isn't going to change, he's going to do what he wants when he wants. He refuses to go to counceling or read counceling books because he doesn't want anyone telling him what's wrong with him. There are some good times between us, and I do love him. When do you know you have reached that level to leave? I will have to change my life if I leave. Move into my moms in another city, quit my job due to the distance, try to find new insurance for my son. I just don't know what to do.
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