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Default Moving in with a friend

Since work has been slow and I am unable to pay rent and utilities,I have to move in with a friend. I have known her about 7 years and 1 of her kids goes to school with my son.I met her when he was in Kindergarten.
This is not ever going to turn into a relationship.Let's just say she has no interest in men anymore or I would not of agreed to move in. Her g/f is ok with us moving in and helping them out on rent and utilities. We will all have separate rooms except for my son,he will be sleeping in the same room with her 3 boys.

My son is excited about this move since he will never get bored again having 3 friends to play with all the time.She has always treated my son good and even took him on vacation with them over the summer. I see this as a good thing and hopefully will stop his attitude problem.I have a feeling he was doing it for attention,even if it was negative attention.Time will tell if that is the case or not.

My daughter gets along with her and her g/f and when they come over she comes out of her room to talk,which she stayed in her room mainly when the EX was here.

Another reason I decided for this move is because my Dr thinks I will need surgery on my neck and that will put me down a good while and I know I would not be able to make it. I see a specialist at the end of October and will know more then.I have a herniated disc at C5-6 and it's been about a year since I had the ct scan that showed it but he never done anything about it. I need a new Dr.I think since it has been so long,Physical Therapy will probably not work and surgery will have to be done to correct the problem.Really not looking forward to this at all.I've never had surgery in my life and now I am looking at a good possibility of having one done on my neck.Kind of scared.

So I don't see this as going to be a bad thing for all of us. Me and her are alike and have a lot of the same interest and I think that is important when moving in with someone.
When we met we used to hang out together a lot and her g/f would get upset with us because she spent more time with me then her but they have a pretty good relationship.

This was a last resort for me since I simply don't make enough with only 1 income. It was that or the EX come back here and I honestly don't want that nut case around my kids anymore. I have done well keeping her away and ignoring her and I will keep on doing just that.
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