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Old 10-28-2004, 01:10 AM   #1
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My name is COURTNEY my then live in boyfriend and I tried to get pregnate for 6 months. I found out about it on July 3 and he was so happy and so was I. We planned on being married and just being happy we both wanted the same things. Well so I thought not even a monh after we found out he was talking to girls from all over and i found directios in my car to this girls house. Needless to say when I confronted him about all this mess he lied. I wound up letting it go, and not even a week later me being sick out of my mind he ran out of gas at 2:30 in the morning in my car, which was going in the opposite direction of our house. I got tired of all the drama and girls so I left, and ever since he has been saying that hes going to prove to me that he has changed an is only worried about my baby and I and wants his family back. Well today I poped up at his house per his request and his little girl friend was bringer her kid and all her lugage out. So I got pissed and started beating the ____ out of him. Not even and hour later he calls me talking about how he loves me and i will always have the key to his heart, and everything between us is going to be fine and we will be happy again. I just dont know what to believe, I feel that he can change and that he wants to be here for the baby, but i dint want to hurt again. I really love him. What should I do.
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Welcome to the site Courtney,
congratulations on the pregnancy !
my best piece of advise at this stage for you is to let him go and concentrate on your baby. He will sort himself out or he won't. You can't 'make him' be what he's not.
Time is the key factor, you need time, time to think, time to make decisions, time to let go of him emotionally.
And you do have a little time.
For a start, start getting organised, get support from your family or where you can, and find out how your situation will be, financially, if you have to do this alone.
If you're ready for the worst, it can only get better.
Hope this helps a little.
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At a young age it is hard for a man, well any age really, to stop cheating. This seems to be a problem for him now, but when your child comes along he might change his ways for the better of the child. But then you might always wonder whether he is faithful or not and it is hard to have a relationship without any trust. My best advice to you would be to separate from him for awhile and remain friends for the baby. Then if he can prove his love to you while you guys are not together then getting back together might be worth a try.
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Old 12-19-2004, 12:16 PM   #4
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courtney, im actually going through the same thing only im the honest and true person in it, shes running around with other guys claiming nothings going on and this and that but then we brake up and that night start dating another guy! i know its painful and a million and one things are going through your mind and heart right now but obviously he isnt serious or mature enough to step up to the plate yet so you worry about you, you are number one in the pregnancy the sooner you realize that the better, if he truely cared for you he wouldnt be running around with all the other hoochies! just take it one day at a time, like i said i know it hurts cause im trying to be there for my babys momma and want to raise it together but sadly it looks like that wont be the case, like i said take one day at a time and remember how important you and your feelings are for the babys sake not his...try to relax and push him away, maybe pushing him away will open his eyes and i really hope it does....post back anytime...
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Your Definitly not alone on this subject. My girlfriend and I were in the same situtation,young thatought we had our future planned out got pregnat that everything was great then she "accidently
bumped into her ex boyfiend, she went to college and I thought it was just another obsticle in life she can be trusted now she loves me and ryan, she ended up cheating again and again. When confronted they also say they are going to change, they never do and the ones who do, you are constanly wondering if they are still cheating on you. Now Im not saying totally drop him like a bad habit, but think about doing it gently. I told my girlfriend "hey you want to be in his life fine I'd love you to be but you won't be in mine".
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