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my boy will be one on march 15... first of all i want to do something really special but can't afford alot...what should i do to make this first birthday a very special one...he only turns one once....also, what do you buy a one year old other than clothes...he is still more interested in the boxes than he is the toys... any ideas????
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One word.....CAKE....it is messy, lots of fun, and the memories last a lifetime...Regardless what you do, he will not remember his first birthday. Just keep that in mind. The special part is for you and you only. Do whatever you think will make it memorable, but CAKE is a definite.
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Can I make a suggestion? For my daughter's first birthday I threw a huge party. Hundreds of pink balloons. A tiny wedding cake in pink. Tons of family and friends. The pictures are lovely, but all I remember is working my ____ off. I spent the majority of the day cooking and cleaning and entertaining guests and didn't even spend that much time with her that day. I'll never do that again. For the other birthdays she's had up unitl now we do something low key-go to the beach or the zoo. Maybe a few family members over for cake and ice cream. but we just spend the day together. Now that she's in school I may have a small party with her friends but I will never put on a big production like that. So, dont feel bad about not having a lot of money. Just enjoy the day with your child.
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Well, I felt this way about my son's first birthday--wanted it to be memorable but didn't want to spend tons of money because he won't remember it. So, I invited a lot of friends and family to a park. The playground is the activity for the kids. I did pass out some grab bags with 99 cent items (kids love small stuff). The thing you do have to be careful about is a theme because it gets expensive. I did have a theme but limited myself to only buying a few key items with the theme on it and the rest was the cheaper stuff in a solid color. Costco or Sam's Club (if you're familiar with those stores) are the best for cake (yum!), sandwiches, chips, drinks, etc. Make it simple and don't try making everything, cuz it will be too much. I suggest having the pack and play for your 1 yr. old to rest in. And limit the time of party to a couple hrs., trying to get your child's nap time in before hand if possible. His party was a success mainly because everyone was together for such a special boy! The cake should be messy. My son didn't really do much sitting down, so we let him attack it standing up--fun entertainment (messy, so have a change of clothes). Gifts--my son got a radio flyer wagon that is cool. Also, I didn't really buy him any gifts myself, just cuz he didn't need more.

Good luck and have fun!!!
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The first birthday was difficult for me as well. My daughter really didn't care much for toys. She had a buch of leapfrog items that cost a small fortune that are in my attic now barely used. She prefered to terrorize my things instead of playing. LOL For her first birthday she got mostly clothes, but best of all giftcards so that I would have that to buy her clothes for the next season as well. She enjoyed music (still does) so I bought her several children's music CD's that she still listens to two years later and her own recliner for the living room that she also still uses.

As for the party, I agree, keep it simple so you can enjoy the day too. I saved the "theme" idea for her second birthday so she could actually enjoy it. My family tradition for the first birthday is doing the "choice of life". You lay a dollar bill, a shot glass and a bible in front of the child and the first thing they pick up will be their life path (money = wealth, bible = religious and the shot glass speaks for itself. LOL) It means nothing really, but it's fun for the adults
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At 1 my son was only interested in the wrapping paper too. I think it is a really good age to give a keepsake that he will treasure later. When they are older they know what they want (mostly toys) and they are really transitory. For his party we just had a barbecue with family and friends. I had a bunch of balls, a bubble blowing thing and heaps of balloons. The kids just played and had a nice low key time. Also given he was only 1 we actually had more adults than children. My immediate family helped out with the salads. Because we were at home he was able to have a sleep when he got tired and when he woke up the party was still happening.
I so agree with the others in that if you go for more low key then you get to enjoy and celebrate too.
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