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Well, I was looking at some of the replies to my "He's Gone" post and someone mentioned that we should let people know whats going on now. Its kinda odd that I read it today because more ____ is going on today but I will work up to that.
Well, My baby (Gwen) was born on September 15th. My boyfriend called me while I was in labor and said he would be at the hospital in about 45 minutes. After 9 hours, he finally showed up with his mom and family. So, he didn't see our daughter born. He told me that night that he also wanted a paternity test because his best friend all of a sudden told him that I slept with his other friend 3 days before I got pregant, which is NOT true. Anyways, also found out before I had Gwen that he never told his mom about me, that I was pregant or anything, the lady didn't even know who the ____ I was. And that he had a girl friend of 7 years that I had asked him about. He said they broke up a year and half ago but he still lived with her. Well, after the baby was born he said he told her that he was cheating on her, he had a baby and all that good stuff.Well, its been a month and half almost 2 and he's seen her 5 times...Sence he lied to me so much I deciced to drive to her house and see if his car was there (When he told his girl friend he said she kicked him out and that he was staying at his mom's house) and IT WAS PARKED RIGHT NEXT TO HERS!!!! I can't say I'm to suprised. Anywas, he called me a couple a days ago and said he was gonna come see me and the baby today, he never showed and I checked last night and his car was still at his girl friend's house. So, I'm going to his work tonight. I'm gonna find out WHY he LIED to be AGAIN and to find out why he never came and to tell him that I'm taking his no good LYING *** to court for child support. We will get that damn paternity test done by the state and THEN he will KNOW for SURE that that is his child. You know, never in my life did I think that ONE person could tear you life in to shreads. At this point I feel I can't trust anyone. Seeing myself believe him and all his lies has made me question who else has lied to me and I was a complete dumbass and believed them....ya know????? Thank you to everyone who replied to that message. And from now on I will keep you all posted so keep an eye out for me.
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Please don't drive yourself crazy trying to find him or checking to see where his car is parked. Who's in control here?? Ask yourself that. Been there, done that. Finally I woke up and said I am not going to let him actions control mine and I learned to let go and move on. Keep your mind busy and try not to focus so much on him. He's the one missing out. Also, since he claims that you've slept with all these people after you gave birth-come on!!! He's trying not to own up to his responsibility. Do take his ____ to court once you get the test and be done with him. Hope it works out for you.
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