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Single Family Voices


Welcome all single parents looking to find the support needed. You have found the spot. Single Family Voices is the largest personally run non business of any sort to support single parents, whether by choice, divorce or whatever. Additionall Support extended to and for Step Parents and Blended Parents too!

We  established ourselves for anyone looking for single parent support, step parenting support and blended parenting support.

Why are we not a business? Well cause we are single parents and our first business is parenting, one. Second as a single parent myself, my focus is not on how this business should show how well it is doing each year, but my focus is to collectively gather other single parents together so we can share support , information, discuss the issues, and changes that need to be done so we can make single healthy choices as we parent.

Our group has helped students gather information for the doctorate degrees, policy maker and local support group, magazines, books, newspapers and schools better serve the single parenting community.

And with all that we make friends. We laugh, cry, get upset with each other and make up. We are the community though single are parents and that is our main objective. That IS our business, so to speak.

We have single moms, single dads and older child of single parents. We are about making it work together, though alone in our homes, with little social lives we have found each other. We are a family amongst ourselves.

We are not trying to invent something new, just share what is already there, and here.

We Are Single Family Voices!

Come share and find the care needed to continue to grow.

Single Family Voices is just PART of A Single Parents Network.

Welcome to our grass Roots

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step parenting, blended parenting, is another focus in our single parents information area and community. We know that we don't always stay single, yet we do always stay as parents, so we have extended our community to offer information to those single parents that has taken the step and committed to adding another soul into their parenting homes, thus blending the family with a step parent situation. Step parenting is even harder if you do not have children and have stepped into a role as a surrogate parent, even though you may not have children, as a step parent you will have influence over another being as they grow into adulthood. If you already are a parent and have marrage another with children too, you will find new challenges that need to be addressed like getting all the children to get along, or differing parenting styles, and discipline. We here at Single Family Voices have a large community for the new challenges that come from blending, step and remarriages of parents, and we will be here for you.

As single parents doing the singleparent thing for all the single parenting club free members, we look out for single parent and single parents who are divorce or separating. Single family voice that you share with parenting or parents that are wither single mom, mothers maybe single fathers, dads, about custody or support, the chat forums allow you to discuss about topics in directory. Directories and children, or kids in one parent home in, about the world!

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